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Glenn Godwin Home Remodelers Houston

We believe in beauty and hard work. Comfort and craftsmanship.

Glenn Godwin Home Remodelers strive to give our customers exceptional service with their custom home building or home remodeling experience.  By fusing innovative design techniques with the highest craftsmanship, our customized renovations and room additions will increase the functionality, the livability, and the overall value of your home.  We design our home renovations, improvements and additions to meet and exceed our client’s current AND future expectations.

Glenn Godwin Home Remodelers is a full service, custom home, home addition and home remodeling company.  Glenn Godwin Home Remodelers specialize in bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, room additions, and exterior home renovations.  As residential general contractors, Glenn Godwin Home Remodelers offer all design-build services including upfront architectural input and complete project coordination.  Glenn Godwin Home Remodelers have the local experience and knowledge you want for your home remodeling and home building experience.

We believe we can live well but still care for our planet. We can be successful but still look out for each other. We cherish the talents of our employees and the passion of our clients.

Check Out Our Home Remodeling Services

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                                            Basement                                                                           Room Additions

Free Consultation with a Home Remodeling Services Specialist

If you are looking for the best home, kitchen and bathroom remodeling company, look no further than Glenn Godwin Home remodelers in Houston.  If you live in Houston, call at our office today to schedule a free consultation.